Seahawks cut Terrelle Pryor

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    Jeremiah (SYR)

    Tarvaris Jackson beat him out for the backup spot. Thoughts?

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    How in the world can the NCAA let them play in the Bowl game? First they reverse thesmelves on Jeramiah Masoli, they drag out the Cam Newton fiasco (and who know if that is really over), and now tOSU has FIVE playerrs sell rings, pants, trade autographs for tattoo’s etc. They just found out about it this week? They’ve known for a while if they investigated it, so why announce now? Why not just wait till AFTER the bowls?The NCAA doesn’t want it’s Bowl game to be ruined by sitting these guys for the Sugar Bowl. Think of all the boosters who already have hotel rooms, booked flights etc.

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    theyll be ok ,as long as it didnt help them get to the bowl game ,thell play i dont know if this a secondary vioatiln or not. if it is, wont be much done, if its not may have to sit out a few games but not the bowl game unless it helpem get thier. i think thats the way it goes but not sure all n all its stupid

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