2013 Ohio State Recruiting Video


  1. Jim Wilson says:

    Why is Kade a member of the “Men of The Scarlet and Grey”? He’s not from Ohio nor did attend Ohio State.

  2. Awesome video Kade….. There is absolutely nothing missing in this class (except maybe a punter lol) What an unbelievable class Urban and company put together.

    • Hahahahahaha…..Good lord…..I’ve never seen this much drama over a punter. And for the record, punters are like gingers. They are soulless killing machines. I keeeed.

      OL is a little light as well, but this is one of the best classes (on paper) OSU has ever had.

  3. GOOD LORD Clark is fast.

    Strong work, Kade.

  4. Sweet sassy molassy… I’ve watched that about five times already.

    I’m pretty close to making Coombs’ speech one of my ringtones; although people will get pissed when I don’t answer my phone immediately when they call.

    • Oh, they wouldn’t be pissed. They’d be entranced. And when it ends, they just might military press whatever is front of them (desk, chair, small child) while never breaking eye contact with you. You’d be doing them a favor.


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